BA431 Performance management case study Deere and Company

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BA431 Performance Management

Complete the case study Deere & Co. starting on page 43 - attachment Deere and Company

On the basis of the information:

1.Prepare a 3 page report discussing Deere & Company’s evolution of quality.

2.Relate your discussion to historical trends, future challenges, the various definitional perspectives of quality, and other issues discussed in this chapter such as the principles of TQ and infrastructure. For example, how has their perspective of quality and the practices used to implement it changed over the years?

3.Update the case by reviewing Deer’s latest annual report and include any new information in your analysis?

4. Use APA format – to include a cover page and reference page (not included in the 3 pages), introduction and conclusion paragraphs, and at least 2 references. Be sure to cite your work.



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