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The prevalence of social media has had a huge impact on society in the area of how we tend to relate to each other and on what is considered to be normal in general. Taking a look at the ways in which social media changes attitudes and "norms" makes for an interesting study, and one that is applicable to understanding how society is slowly changing over time.

For this assignment, you will first conduct your own research on the effects of social media on societal norms (Part 1), then you will examine what has been found through previous research conducted by others (Part 2).

Part 1:

Compare and contrast the attitudes of two cohorts of people; one that consists of five people that rarely use social media and one cohort of five people that uses social media 2 or more hours a day.

Create a list of five people that you know of that use social media at least 2 or more hours per day. This group of people will make up your first cohort. Then create a list of five people that you know of that either do not use social media or use it very rarely. Take into account age when creating the cohorts, and try to keep the ages as similar as possible between the cohorts. Keeping a certain level of consistency in the two cohorts will help to negate the potential effects of generational differences. Provide a brief description of each of the ten people who are divided into their respective cohorts.

In other words, list the five people in the social media at least 2 or more hours a day, and provide a brief description of each along with why you chose them. Then provide a list of the five people that rarely or never use social media, and provide a brief description of each along with why you chose them.

Study each individual to learn the similarities and differences between the two cohorts as it relates to attitudes, lifestyles, and relationships. Write a two-page paper comparing and contrasting what you learned about the two cohorts. Be sure to relate your findings to cultivation theory and socialization theory in the paper.

Part 2:

Now you will compare your research with research findings through previous research conducted by others. Look up at least 3 articles in the Rasmussen Library that relate to the topic of social media and its impact on society. You are not limited to articles that are strictly written on the specific topic of social media and norms. Articles that are covering social media and society are available from a wide number of angles. After studying these articles, write a two-page paper on what you learned on the topic of social media and its potential impact on societal attitudes, customs, and norms.

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Social Media and Its Impact on Norms Outline

The development of social media has been an exciting milestone in the last 20 years, and
new tech of information access has rapidly changed.

This paper objective is to examine and understand the impacts of using social media on
social norms including attitudes, lifestyle and relationships.

Findings of Social Media Heavy Users versus Light Users

In attempt to understand the impact of social media, the researcher compared effects on
two cohorts - A (heavy social media users) and B (light social media users) of five
individuals in each.

From a cultivation theory perspective, the lesson is that social media allows people to
know more of the events in their lives and it will adversely impact one’s self-esteem by
believing that they don't stack up against those around.

Reflecting on the socialization theory view point, the consequences from the social media
are thus identified to affect the human worldview and beliefs, such as gender-based
perception and political attitudes.

Utilizing cultivation theory to understand lifestyle impacts that social media has on those
who heavily use it, the discovery was that there is an immense cultivation of materialism
lifestyle through the use of social media, specifically Instagram.

Through socialization theory, many believe that particular healthier lifestyles will have a
positive impact on them.

Studies on Social Media Impacts on Society

Umar and Idris (2018) conducted a study on social media impact on behavioral attitudes
and academic results among secondary school students.

Jan, Soomro and Ahmad (2017) noted that in the past ten years, social media have gained
tremendous attention, and their effects will have an influence on people for a long time.

Karatsoli and Nathanail (2020) pursued a study that examined gender gaps in the
utilization of social media for the coordination of holidays and travel.


It is well known that the proximity to social media sources with information can affect a
variety of attitudes and behaviour

The data given indicates that social media affect behavior and expectations primarily
relies on social impact rather than on individual persuasions.

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