Are Women the Heroes of the Day despite the Societal Role of Women Submission Paper

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required book is Homer's the odyssey translated by Emily Wilson

1500 or more words

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cover page with creative title on the topic of the paper

double spaced

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please use chicago style formatting and citations

use evidence from the book mentioned above to back up your claims

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Are Women the Heroes of the Day despite the Societal Role of Women's Submission?

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Homer's Odyssey is one of the epic poems that have had many translations since it was
written during the ancient Greek times. Most of the translations are made by men, and when
Emily Wilson did a translation, her translation became a spotlight. Emily succeeded in
translating Homer's Odyssey, and her work is much appreciated. The Odyssey is based on
ancient Greek society as it is time the poem was written. The male and female have different
roles in society where men are expected to portray their masculinity, strength, and authority.
In contrast, women are expected to be compassionate and caring; in other words, the weak
gender. In this discussion, the focus is on women's roles and how they become heroes of the
day through their cunning nature, although the male characters are expected to be the
dominant gender. In one way or another, the male gender finds themselves under a woman's
trap, which, in this case, means that the woman has gone against the societal role of being
compassionate and caring. Instead, some instances have women using their cunning
character, and when they are forced or pushed towards a situation, they press more against
the societal expectation.

Looking at an overview of the roles of women in Homer's Odyssey, society expected them
to fully submit to the authority of the male without protests. It was believed that if a woman
went out of line, she would be faced with significant consequences. This left most women
without a choice but to submit to the male authority. Although women were portrayed as the

embodiment of submission, caring, and raising a family, some women in the poem stood out
using their cunning female nature to get what they wanted. T...

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