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I have ten aritcals I need to read all ten ariticals why I post it down and summary I'm one aritcal in same simmer points

as poster presention

1-An Employer-Sponsored Musculoskeletal CareCoordination Service Can Improve Clinical Outcomes and Self-Reported Productivity

2- Outcome-based and Participation-based Wellness Incentives Impacts on Program Participation and Achievement of HealthImprovement Targets

3- Health Care Expenditures and Length of Disability Across Medical Conditions

4-Economic Evaluation of Occupational Safety and Health Interventions From the Employer

Perspective: A Systematic Review

5-A Population-Based Survey of the Workplace Costs for Caregivers of Persons with Treatment- Resistant Depression Compared with Other Health Conditions

6-A Substance Use Cost Calculator for US Employers with an Emphasis on Prescription Pain

Medication Misuse

7-Direct and Indirect Cost of Obesity Among the Privately Insured in the United States

8-Integrated Physical Medicine at Employer-Sponsored HealthClinics Improves Quality of Care at Reduced Cost

9- Effects of a Physical Therapist Led WorkplacePersonal-Fitness Management Program for

Manufacturing Industry Workers

10- The Correlation of a Corporate Culture of Health Assessment Score

and Health Care CostTrend

if you have any question let me

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Fall-related injuries in the emergency department among older adults - An analysis using NEDS 2014 Affiliation Introduction Data & Methods Key Findings (contd.) Discussion Key Findings References
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