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Sports Program

An example of a sports program is the Tenacity Sports program. Tenacity program offers
children opportunities to showcase their talents in tennis and provides a pathway for their postsecondary education. Tenacity is a Boston-based non-profit program for attracting and retaining
students through tennis. The students participate in high-quality academic support and physical
fitness program while playing tennis. The impacted stakeholders are the youth and students who
have an interest in tennis. There are elementary programs for 4th and 5th-grade students, middle
school programs, high school student programs, and post-secondary school programs (The
Tenacity Sports Program, 1999). These programs help build a foundation for students' lifelong
achievements through in-school, after-school, and summer programs that promote excellence in
school, career, and life. The program has been a success as it has helped over 40,000 students by
offering them tennis skills, life skills, and literacy, which has formed a foundation for their future
Sports organizations initiate programs to reinstate their commitment to fulfilling social
and environmental responsib...

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