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The CLA2 assignment is a summary of the topics presented throughout this course, as well as additional research material you have found. Write a paper that includes the following topics:

  • The changing business environment and the pressures for change.
  • Resistance to change and how to overcome it.
  • Business creativity and the needed support to construct the vision and the direction of change.
  • Building a strategic managing innovation model.
  • Blockages to creativity and how to overcome them.

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Business Topics Summary

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The core activeties within an organization play a key role in influencing organizational
outcomes. The success of an organization is often a function of various aspects including change
management, leadership and effective knowledge management. There is the aspect of resistance
to change and how to overcome it, business creativity, innovation and blockages to creativity.
Changing business environment and pressures to change
Organizations don't work in a vacuum but instead in a powerful climate that affects how
they work and whether they will accomplish their goals. This outer business climate is made out
of various external associations and powers that we can assemble into seven key sub
environments, as (Figure) shows: monetary, political and legitimate, segment, social, serious,
worldwide, and innovative. Every one of these areas makes an exceptional arrangement of
difficulties and open doors for organizations.
Entrepreneurs and chiefs have a lot of power over the inner climate of business, which covers
everyday choices. They pick the provisions they buy, which workers they employ, the items they
sell, and where they sell those items. They utilize their abilities and assets to make merchandise
and ventures that will fulfill existing and planned clients. In any case, the outer natural
conditions that influence a business are by and large outside the ability to control of the
executives and change continually (Austin & Bartunek, 2014). To contend effectively,
entrepreneurs and directors should consistently contemplate the climate and adjust their
organizations in like manner. Different powers, for example, catastrophic events, can likewise
majorly affect organizations. While still in the revamping stage after Hurricane Katrina hit in
2005, the U.S. Inlet Coast endured another fiasco in April 2010 because of a blast on the


Deepwater Horizon oil-rig, which murdered 11 laborers and sent in excess of 3 million barrels of
oil into the Gulf of Mexico. This occasion, which happened for over 87 days, seriously
influenced the climate, organizations, the travel industry, and individuals' jobs. Worldwide oil
combination BP, which was answerable for the oil slick, has spent more than $60 billion because
of the calamity and cleanup. Seven years after the blast, the travel industry and different
organizations are gradually recuperating, despite the fact that researchers are not sure about the
drawn out natural results of the oil slick
Pressures to change:
➢ Need for incorporation of new technology
➢ Need to improve organizational sales and producticty
➢ Need for business expansion
➢ Introduction of new product or service to the market
➢ Impacts of changes in market trends, business environment and government
Resistance to Change and Overcoming It
In spite of the fact that change the board choices are typically made at the C-level, it's
still critical to have the remainder of the workers purchased in to the change program. Having
representatives who are against what will be transforming from the beginning is a significant
misfortune and one that should be managed cautiously to be effective with the change the
executives. One of the reasons for resistance to change is loss of job. Occupation misfortune is a
significant explanation that representatives oppose change in the working environment. In any
business, there are continually going to be things moving and changing, regardless of whether it


is because of the requirement for more effectiveness, better turnaround times, or the requirement
for the representatives to work more brilliant (Bentley & Whitten, 2011). With every one of
these requirements comes the open door for the organization to scale back or make new
openings, and this is the place where the dread of employment misfortune becomes possibly the
most important factor.
Lack of communication is the second reasons for resistance. Correspondence explains all
ills. However, an absence of it makes a greater amount of them. This is another essential
motivation behind why representatives restrict c...

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