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Medieval/Renaissance Rhetoric

A short essay (250-350 words, usually a little less than one page typed, single-spaced), in which you examine medieval and/or Renaissance rhetoric. To what extent do you think that rhetoric in the Middle Ages continued the rhetorical tradition as it had been developed by the Greeks and the Romans? Some have argued that the medieval "arts" of letter-writing, poetry, and preaching keep only the forms of classical rhetoric, while others say they adapt the classical approach to the demands of a changing society. What do you think? Alternatively, you may pose your own question that covers the period and write about it. Just remember to keep your topic focused!

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Medieval/Renaissance Rhetoric
I think that the medieval arts of letter writing, poetry, and preaching are the ones that keep the
other forms of classical rhetoric since these medieval arts rely upon words for intellectual,
educative, and political purposes. The medieval art of letters helped place the power of words in
the hand of all humanity. The medieval art of letter writing, poetry helps individuals to greater
discernment of character and reality.
I think it is true that the medieval arts of letter writing keep only the forms of classical rhetoric
since it is generally limited to glimpses of classical rhetoric. Does rhetoric mirror the classical
rhetoric of the past? To answer this question, we look at the early medieval writing that is old
English homilies. We will t...

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