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American Presidency

Fall 2016

First Paper Assighment

Requirements: Maximum 1000 words

Due: Monday, October 3

The two major party candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are entering the final phase of the 2016 presidential campaign. With election day on Tuesday, November 8 only about six weeks away, the two candidates are working hard to win the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. For this paper, pick one of the two candidates and develop a strategic plan for the final six weeks. Of the campaign. Your strategy should address at least the following questions:

1. What issues and themes should your candidate emphasize?

2. What is the geographic focus of your campaign? That is, where should limited campaign resources be committed?

The paper should describe carefully the recommended strategy and, very importantly, explainthe reasons for each element of the strategy. Your explanation should be grounded in what we know about presidential elections and voting behavior. You should, for example, read carefully Chapter 2 on presidential selection in Pika, Maltese, and Rudalevige; much of the material in that chapter, especially the information dealing with the general election, is relevant to this topic. You should also consult material from outside sources to support your campaign recommendations.

APA format

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Hi, kindly find attached.

1. Introduction of preferred candidate
2. Issues and themes the candidate should emphasize on
3. Geographic focus of the campaign
a. Where limited resources should be committed
4. Strategy for the campaign


American Presidency
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As campaigns are heated up in United States ahead of elections on November 8th, all the
candidates involved are working tirelessly to win votes from the people and secure the presidential
seat. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is the Democratic presidential candidate and the fact that she
is a public figure and has an experience in leadership and politics gives her an upper hand against
her competitors. Additionally, having studied law means that she understands the necessities of
the people and would be in a position to lead according to the law. Furthermore, she has been the
first lady when her husband Bill Clinton was president meaning she has an understanding of being
a president and recognizes what requires to be done, where and when. Working as a secretary of
the state as well positions her at a strategic point because she has a clue of how things are done in
the president’s office. She would not have much trouble with the work of a president compared to
her competitors. Having worked as a senator too places her in a position where she wo...

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