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Factors to consider when relocating plant manufacture to Philippine
Relocating plant manufacture to a new location should be the last resort for any firm to
think of. However, there comes a time when you are left with two options, which are closing
down or relocating due to unfavorable internal and external factors. The process of relocating to
a new place may seem a complicated one, but with an excellent laid down plan and skill set, the
process can take a smooth and successful part. However, relocating and a plant to a new location
has a huge impact that can make or break the business. A keen situation and location analysis are
crucial to making a wise decision that will not negatively impact the business. Therefore, there
are several factors that one has to consider thoroughly before moving to a new location. In our
case, relocating to a new location is the only possible and practical option.
The first factor is equipment safety. Moving the plant from us to Philippine is a great deal
that should not be taken lightly. For example, Philippine is thousands of miles away, and moving
the plant to this location might need a precaution, especially moving company equipment.
Suppose you take a good analysis of the current situation of the company (Nichols, 2020). In that
case, you will agree with me that no matter how costly the relocation process will be, it is the
best option for the plant since the current situation does not favor it. As a result, the company
leaders have a responsibility to ensure the equipment is transported safely. Additionally, the
plant can name or give tags, labels, and barcode tags of their equipment for easy tracking.
Once relocating has arrived, planning and installing a new factory layout should be the
next focus. Building a new layout has never been an easy task, especially for a company of such
magnitude. No business will like it when starting from zero. However, such a situation can be
easily taken care of. For example, the plant needs to make a layout before commencing with

relocating or before deciding on relocating. The company needs to discuss what should be done
in the new locality with the employees or its team before the transfer process kicks off.
A manufacturing plant is a complicated business with many divisions, and each division
has its workflow set that the plant needs to consider before relocating to a foreign country. For
instance, the arrangement of physical workstations is a significant factor that the company needs
to address. The workstation functions need to support the set layout to kick start without facing
substantial challenges. Also, redesigning the facility is an excellent way of allowing the firm to
comprehend every new locality division (Nichols, 2020).
Testing and auditing are yet another critical factors to be considered by the plant. After a
successful relocation, it is time to put all your work to the test. As you know, quality control in a
manufacturing plant hugely depends on keen and successful tool calibration and how equipment
installation was conducted to yield optimal results. The testing process may seem small, but it is
vital since it will allow one to see how the company will look and operate. Here, you need to
work with engineers and technicians to make a list of tests and protocols to be followed before
the actual manufacturing process begins. In most manufacturing plants, this process is hectic
because this is a point where internal quality control needs to come up with First Article
Inspection Report. This document can be referred to us as the battery used to test protocols or
test done to determine whether the plant can start working effectively (Nichols, 2020). The
testing step is a critical one since moving equipment is not an easy one, and during the process,
some equipment may be broken down or interfered with, thus affecting their functionality. This
is the process where a business needs to assure its shareholder and consumers that relocation will
not negatively affect them because all they need is continuity.

The last factor to look at is the final review. You need to sit down with your team leaders
and review the relocating result. Examine what was discovered during the testing and auditing
process and see what changes can be made. If there is anything that was not done correctly, it is
at this point you need it fixed, so the pant or company starts to operate. The test result will allow
you to see how the company can improve its operations and areas of weakness to enhance its
After a careful analysis of these factors, moving to Philippine is the best option since here
in the USA, the plant faces the risk of closure due to the high cost of labor, unfavorable
environmental factors from the governing bodies, and general competition firms operating
overseas with cheap labor.


Leaked Movie Trailer and a Confidentiality Agreement

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