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Imagine you work in a correctional institution and have been asked to create a strategy plan for working with specific correctional populations. Your supervisor would like you to create an executive summary of your strategy.

Select 1 correctional population to focus on. For example, you might select inmates with mental illness, juveniles, inmates with substance abuse issues, aging inmates, pregnant inmates, women inmates, etc.

Write a 525- to 700-word executive summary in which you:

  1. Describe elements in the classification process in general.
  • Initial security classification (in general, not just for
  • Inmate needs, services, and housing and the Classification Team
  • Reclassification Process
  1. Explain the importance of proper classification (generally).
  2. Discuss some of the key challenges associated with the special population you chose to focus on. Provide examples.
  3. Explain strategies or considerations that are used to service the special population you chose to focus on.

NOTE: An “executive summary” is essentially a formal document, usually intended for the highest levels of management. The summary should be concise and should anticipate all the questions/concerns that management may have. An executive summary is not personalized, so you would not present it as a letter.

“Bottom-Line-Up-Front” – When preparing a document (or presentation) for senior leadership, the bottom-line-up-front approach is usually best. For example, you might do your introduction something like this:

“A comprehensive review of programs A and B has been completed. Both are sound programs that offer certain advantages. Program A is recommended because it has been determined to be better for this facility. An explanation for this recommendation and details pertaining to each program are provided below. ” … … … (Feel free to paraphrase this, or not)

Also, FYI, the bottom-line-up-front strategy has many applications. It also works with personal relationship matters … “Son, I’m very disappointed in your decision to skip school without my permission and I am going to punish you for it. Here’s why. … … It works with management tasks … “You did not get the promotion. You were not promoted because … … “. This strategy tells the person exactly what he or she wants to know at the very beginning of the conversation so he or she is not anxious or distracted by the agony of anticipation.

Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines. Some leeway is permitted here because you are being asked to complete a professional document in an academic manner. However, these basics are required: Title Page, References Page, In-text citations, double-spacing, paragraph indents and, if used, headings must be properly formatted.

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Correctional Populations
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This strategy plan offers a comprehensive review of inmates with mental illness. The
Department of Corrections is comprised of various populations of people who have committed
different crimes. It is essential to note that most of the inmates in prison may not be violent or
sexually violent. Some of the inmates get into prisons due to petty crimes or white-collar crimes.
In particular cases, it is likely that some of the inmates are mentally ill or have an unsound mind.
Therefore, inmates undergo a classification process each time they enter prison. The diversity
and types of charges given to each inmate are based on the classification. An explanation of the
classification process, the importance of proper classification, the challenges associated with
inmates with mental illness, and the strategies or considerations that are used to serve inmates
with mental illness have been p...

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