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The ending cash balance for November would be?

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Nov 3rd, 2014


       Cash from November sale( $340,000*80%)=$272,000

                                                      Cash Flow Statement

                                     For the month ended November 30

     Cash from Operating Activities:

    Cash from Accounts receivable                                                            $70,000

    Cash from November sale                                                                    272,000

    Depreciation                                                                                            15,000

    Cash payment of Accounts payable                                                   ( 254,000)

    Cash payment of monthly expenses                                                    (  24,000)

    Net cash provided by operating activities                                             $ 79,000

   Add beginning cash balance                                                                     20,000

    Ending cash balance for November                                                      $ 99,000                                    

Nov 4th, 2014

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Nov 3rd, 2014
Nov 3rd, 2014
May 29th, 2017
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