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Answer the questions according to Case.

1. Using the Leadership Grid, how would you describe Susan’s leadership style? Note the grid provides scores on a continuum from 1-9.

2.Why does it create such a pronounced reaction from her employees?

3.Do you think she should change her style? Justify your answer.

4.Would she be effective if she changed? Justify your answer.

5.Finally - as a class – see if you can reach an agreement on where Susan’s leadership style is currently located on the Leadership Grid and where, if appropriate, you think it should be if she is to be successful with Marathon Sports.

Note: There is no word count requirement. Some questions are composed of several small questions. Please make sure to answer every part of the question.

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Leadership Styles
Question 1
Based on the leadership grid, Susan’s Leadership style aligns significantly at the (9, 1)
level given her management characteristics. The (9, 1) level describes authority-compliance
leaders who illustrate a greater concern for production than the employees. Such leaders focus
consistently on getting the tasks done and often treat their workers like machines. Some of
Susan’s employees like her leadership approach because she organizes duties appropriately and
clearly describes everyone’s goals. However, some workers feel that she hardly strives for
employee satisfaction and has low regard for creating a friendly working atmosphere. Her
primary goal is to get the job done, evidenced by the high turn-over sales. Susan’s job
description is also characterized by several tasks that take up most of her time, leaving little time
to hang out with employees. These factors justify Susan’s leadership style on the authoritycompliance level.
Question 2

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