Intervention/Innovation Method

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Intervention/Innovation Method

Your Method Paper needs to contain the following items:

  1. Explanation of intervention  (one to two pages)   
    • Provide an overview of your intervention (two to three sentences)
    • Include a brief discussion of your literature review
    • Explain why you think students will benefit from the intervention
  2. Intervention plan (one to two pages)   
    • State in chronological order how you will implement your intervention
    • Give a hypothetical, yet practical timeframe for these steps
  3. Ethical considerations (one page)   
    • Explain how this intervention fits within your philosophy of teaching (from EDU 623).  How does it relate to your social principles  as a teacher?
    • Explain how research leads you to believe what you’re doing  is appropriate for students and will not harm them.  How you are taking  measure to protect students and yield unbiased results?
  4. Data collection procedures (one page)   
    • Update your triangulation matrix from Week Three, Discussion 1. Add a column that will include how and when you will collect your  data. This timeline will of course, be hypothetical and approximate. 

For example:

Research Questions Data Collection ToolWhy this tool? Justify its use in your study. How does it match with what you are attempting to find and to measure?Timeframe
            How and when data will be collected.
What are students’ perceived confidence levels with  learning new math concepts through digital/virtual learning forums  exclusively? 1
assessment Likert Survey           
2 3 Allows students to rate their level of perceived  confidence with learning math concepts through digital or virtual  learning forums as opposed to a “live” teacher. Provides multiple  question types to gather wider breadth of potential student concerns.Phase 1:
            Given for up to first 3 days of study depending upon attendance First 15 minutes of class-computer lab       

*You must include a minimum of two scholarly resources.

*Save your assignment two ways:

  1. Word document to upload for grading in the assignment
  2. PDF file to be archived in your e-portfolio or blog under My Documents with a link included in your assignment.

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