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They say you never forget how to ride a bike. Riding a bike, like the counseling experience, involves multiple channels of learning. A physical metaphor like this one has the power to touch the heart and mind of a client. Long after words or instructions have faded, the memory of an experience lingers.

This Discussion involves an experiment. Find someone with whom you can practice using a prop or a chair in either one of the ways mentioned in the chapters from Jacobs and Schimmel, or in a novel way you invent, during a short conversation or a mock counseling session. Ask your volunteer for feedback about this departure from simply talking and listening.

The bottom is what is needed:

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the prop or chair experiment you conducted. Explain your rationale for what you did. Explain your observations of the impact on your volunteer. Report the feedback you received, and analyze the result. Explain whether or not you would do something like this during a counseling session.

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Prop or chair experiment
Post by Day 4 a brief description of the prop or chair experiment you conducted.
Our experiment involved the use of a chair. We used the chair in an upright, normal position
and an inverted position. The volunteer tried to sit in an armchair in both positions. While it is
comfortable when sitting on an upright chair, it is not comfortable sitting on the same chair in an
inverted position. Additionally, a chair is made in a way that a user can find it proper using it in
an upright position than otherwise. The volunteer was to test ...

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