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Mr. Chen COMM I Writing Assignments: Essay 3 Topics: Write one multiple-paragraph essays on topics that are related to your research paper. Length: (2 full pages minimum plus an attached works cited page) Value: 100 pts Due: (To be announced . . .) Directions: In this writing assignment, you are to choose two rhetorical strategies (illustration, process analysis, definition, classification, comparison & contrast, cause-effect, or argument/persuasion) to write on a subject or topic that is related to your research paper. Since Essay 3 is a part of your research paper, you need to use paraphrases, summaries, and direct quotes from at least three sources of information you have researched and incorporate them into the writing of this essay. Follow MLA in-text citation and works cited page guidelines. The topic you choose for your research paper may require you to illustrate, to define, to explain, to classify, to compare or to contrast, or to argue, to persuade, or all of the above. So, think about the possible “aspects” or “issues” that are related to the topic of your research paper. For example, if you decide to write a research paper to express your opinion (a position or a point of view—either pro or con) on the stem cell research, you may need to address or to include the discussions of the following aspects/issues in your paper: • • • • What is a stem cell? When did the stem cell research get started? How far has it gone? (definition and illustration) What are the procedures involved? (process analysis, classification, and illustration) What are the benefits (proponent’s view)? And of course, what are the concerns (opponent’s view)? Where is the line between medical, commercial causes and the ethical, moral, or even legal ramification (cause-effect, comparison/contrast, argument, persuasion, etc.) What are the solutions for the conflicts/controversies? (cause-effect, argument, persuasion) So in Essay 3, you have a few options to approach this topic. You may decide to writing a classification essay on the type of stem cells or a process analysis essay on the procedures or an illustration essay to illustrate (explain) the controversies on the stem cell research. You may also focus more on the argumentative/persuasive side of issue of the stem cell research—that is to write a cause-effect or comparison/contrast essay to express your position on the subject. 2 Regardless of your topics or rhetorical strategies, the following is a general guideline for these two writing assignments. • Make sure each of the essays is clearly structured or organized into three parts—introduction, body of supports, and conclusion. To do so, you need to have the devices of motivator, thesis statement, blueprint, topic sentences of body, transitions, reworded thesis, and clincher. • Ask yourself these questions: Introduction Have I attempted to reach out to the readers and invited their attention to the concern or the problem that I’m about to tell them? Have I carefully structured the introductory text to orient my readers to the main point? In other words, . . . . 1. Does my introduction begin with a motivator (an opposite opinion, a quotation, a brief story, etc.) to get my reader’s attention or to get them interested in what I have to say? 2. How is my main idea stated? Do I have a thesis statement that clearly defines my opinion on the subject? Do I also include a blueprint that tells reader the ideas/supports to follow? 3. Is the subject/topic of thesis statement limited/specific? Is the opinion of thesis precise? 4. Are the ideas/supports in my blueprint in the same order as those in the body of supports? Body of Supports Have I elaborated upon and developed the main point with sufficient facts, details, examples, etc? Are the facts, details, examples, etc. well organized and connected? In other words, . . . 5. Does each body paragraph begin with a topic sentence? Does each topic sentence also contain a transition that links to the previous paragraph? Does each topic sentence have a reminder of the main thesis? 6. Are the supports, examples, details, facts, etc. specifically, clearly, and logically supporting the main idea? 7. How is the flow of my writing? Do I also have the transitions placed within the paragraphs? 8. Are the ideas, facts, or information truthfully and appropriately documented? (Check Chapter 45 &46 for incorporating quotes and in-text citations for the ideas, facts, and information other than the writer’s own) Conclusion Have I reflected upon the significance of the main point just developed? In other words, . . .. 8. Does my conclusion have a reworded thesis statement? Does it merely repeat what has been said in the thesis? 3 9. Do I have a clincher that gives readers a sense of closure or points to the future development of the subject? Mechanics How is my mechanics? 12. How are the structures of my sentences? Do I have fragments, run-ons, or comma splices? 13. Pronoun/reference consistency? Subject-verb agreement? Verb tense? 14. How is my word choice? Are the words/expressions appropriate to the purpose and to the readers in general? 15. Spelling? Typing format, grammar, punctuation, etc.? 16. Does the essay follow MLA guidelines? ...
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