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Question: "How does the NEWater meet the demands for water in Singapore?"

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Identifying the context Water scarcity is a widespread problem that has been lingering in Singapore in recent years. However, Singapore has been able to overcome this through its excellent water management and holistic work of its public utilities agency without having any water resources of their own. This is relevant as it would be a major issue if Singapore was unable to solve water scarcity. Singapore currently receives more than half of its water supply from the alternate sources of rainwater collection (20%), recycled water (30%) and desalination (10%). The long-term plan is to become entirely self-sufficient in water. The lack of an independent source of freshwater has meant that Singapore is reliant on the import of water from Malaysia. Singapore had two great import arrangements, set up during the British pioneer period, one of which terminated in 2011. The difference between the two nations on the future cost of water brought about Singapore strengthening endeavours to become independent before the subsequent agreement lapses in 2061. Background Information Singapore has had many traditional sources of water like rivers, reservoirs and their import arrangements with Malaysia. Alternate sources of water would be their rainwater collection, desalination and recycled water. These alternate sources of water are significant in maintaining Singapore’s water security as there is always a chance of potential conflict with Malaysia which could be a threat to the country's water supply. NEWater is one of the many examples of alternate sources of water that Singapore has managed to come up with. Discussion of Environmental Issue Water scarcity can be defined as an environmental issue that has been lingering for a long time. Water scarcity also has many influencing factors such as climate change, consumption and new sources. All of which would be explored in this report. Connection between environmental issues and RQ Water scarcity can be defined as the lack of freshwater resources to meet the standard water demand. Humanity is facing a water crisis, due to unequal distribution resulting in some very wet and some very dry geographic locations, plus a sharp rise in global freshwater demand in recent decades driven by industry. Clean water is a necessity in all humans and Singapore has managed to overcome this issue with many solutions. NEWater is a prime example of the nation’s solution to counter this environmental issue. NEWater is the brand name given to highly treated reclaimed wastewater produced by Singapore's Public Utilities Board. More specifically, conventionally treated wastewater is further purified to produce NEWater by using advanced treatment technologies. NEWater is a process that recycles our treated used water into high-grade reclaimed water, diminishing our water supply against dry weather and moving Singapore towards water sustainability. This relates back to the environmental issue of Research Question How does the NEWater meet the demands for water in Singapore? Hypothesis I hypothesize that there would be an increase in percentage of NEWater usage in comparison with the total consumption in Singapore. This is because NEWater can be considered a new source of water and it reduces the amount of waste. Methodology My main source of data is obtained online from PUB water statistics, this will be considered reliable as it is a government website. It is important to note that the data listed is from 2008-2018 as I was limited only to those years. Initially, I did plan on also showing Industrial water but decided to exclude it as the only data that I could find was only up to 2011, and it makes up a very small proportion of Singapore’s ways of maintaining their water sustainability due to it only being used on St. John’s Island. Raw Data The volume of NEWater sold annually Year Volume of NEWater 2018 140.5 2017 140.2 2016 126.9 2015 124.8 2014 117.1 2013 114.1 2012 111.4 2011 102.4 2010 96.4 2009 71.95 2008 65.99 2007 49.15 Processed Data Consumption of water (million m3) Year Potable NEWater Total 2008 462.6 66.0 528.6 2009 467.9 72.0 539.9 2010 476.1 96.4 572.5 2011 478.4 102.4 580.8 2012 490.9 111.4 602.3 2013 498.6 114.1 612.7 2014 506.3 117.1 623.4 2015 514.7 124.8 639.5 2016 517.0 126.9 643.9 2017 499.4 140.2 639.6 2018 495.5 140.5 636.0 Percentage of water consumption (%) Year Graph A Potable NEWater 2008 87.52 12.48 2009 86.67 13.33 2010 83.16 16.84 2011 82.37 17.63 2012 81.50 18.50 2013 81.38 18.62 2014 81.22 18.78 2015 80.48 19.52 2016 80.29 19.71 2017 78.08 21.92 2018 77.91 22.09 Graph B Analysis Conclusion Evaluation Strengths Weaknesses & Improvement Source of data is reliable as it was obtained from a government website Bibliography ...
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