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Wk 3 – Language Acquisition and Disorders Presentation

  1. Imagine that you are a special education teacher that is also a licensed speech–language pathologist (SLP). You were recently hired by a large school district as a language development specialist to support the teachers and school staff that work with children with learning disabilities and language and development disorders within the district. The Director of Special Education Services wants all teachers and support staff to receive a refresher training on language acquisition and language disorders and has assigned this task to you.
    Create a self-led training presentation that addresses the following:
    • Key components in the acquisition of language
    • Examples and characteristics of common language disorders seen in school-age children
    • Tools and strategies used to support these children in the classroom
    • Linguistic and cultural influence
    Note: You may choose a delivery medium from the Technology Resource Library located on the College of Education Resources page, or use another medium as approved by your instructor. Some possibilities include Google Slides™, Glogster, Piktochart®, Popplet, Powtoon, Prezi®, and Smore. Include the following in your presentation:
    • A timeline showing at least 10 milestones in language acquisition
    • Signs that may indicate a child has a language disorder
    • Differences between developmental and acquired language disorders
    • Characteristics of 3 to 5 language disorders seen in school-age children
    • Description of 2 to 3 assessment tools used to diagnose language disorders
    • Description of 3 to 5 strategies or tools used to support students with language disorders in the regular classroom
    • Relationship between linguistically and culturally diverse learners and language disorders

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