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As Aristotle explained "Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion. ."

Explain what this Aristotelian definition means in your own words.

Then, look online and cite an alternative definition that reveals another way at looking at Rhetoric. See this website https://www.americanrhetoric.com/rhetoricdefinitio... Quote the definition, and then tell us why it both challenges AND resonates with you. Why not start with Francis Bacon if this is new to you.

Be careful as you study rhetoric... you may find that the skills you seek to develop (skills of persuading and calling BS on others) will end up turning back on some "causes" you care about as you analyze their efforts to influence others, especially when you see a lack of ethics, weak argumentation, and outright hiding of facts and fabrication of others...

Grading? I am just looking for some depth of thought here. I also want to see a genuine engagement in the discussion with a thoughtful, encouraging or tactfully critical remark to at least one other person.

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Rhetoric Theory
Aristotle explanation embraces arguments that have an influence to the modern speeches
and writings of arts. It generally refers to the study of and uses of written, visual and spoken
language, the definition means that one may use his powers of persuasion to convince other
people to agree with the point of discussion being that the speaker has good styles of speech and
therefore perfectly deliberates on various issues to the satisfaction (Borchers, & Hundley 2018).
Rhetoric according to the definition given, means that it is an art of speech and writing that
provide audiences with room to have options of reasoning and understanding of logics, ethics,
politics and jurisprudence. The rhetoric information is given by a way of evoking the audiences
to get attention on facts from the argument.

Very useful material for studying!


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