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Your short answers will be graded according to the following criteria. Keep these in mind when constructing your answers.

Clarity – 5 points total

1. Clarity & Structure: /3

2. Grammar & Spelling: /2

Content – 7 points total

1. Explanation of Author(s) Position: /4

2. Critical Analysis: /3

Total Score: 8 base points + _____ =


Your answer is evaluated on its clarity (which includes structure, grammar, and spelling). A well-organized essay is one that stays focused on answering the essay question (avoid tangents). It uses prose that clearly and concisely conveys the author’s ideas, while avoiding grammar and spelling errors. Points are lost in this category for misusing terms, prose that is unclear, paragraphs that (individually or collectively) lack proper organization, and multiple grammar and spelling errors.


The content of your answer is evaluated according to two criteria. First, you must accurately convey the author’s position, including the essential components of the view. Second, you must meaningfully engage with the author’s position. The essay question includes a critical analysis component. Your answer to this component should constitute a non-trivial portion of your essay. Your critical analysis must be reasonably well-developed given the space constraints. It must supply some reason/argument to support your position. Points are lost in this category for misrepresenting the author’s view, omitting crucial components of this view that are essential to a complete answer, and providing an underdeveloped crucial analysis (one that is not well-explained and/or is missing supporting reasons/argumentation).

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