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You can use hypothesis testing to test a claim made by another statistician. Find an article in a newspaper, magazine or on the internet which makes a claim about one population mean or one population proportion. The claim may be based upon a survey that the article was reporting on. You will conduct a survey to verify or dispute the results of the hypothesis test.

Survey Procedures

  • Describe your sampling method in detail and why you chose that method. You may use cluster, stratified, systematic, or simple random sample using a random number generator, but do not use convenience sampling. If you have another method you would like considered, please contact your instructor for approval.
  • Create your survey.
  • Conduct a mock survey to collect your data. Your sample must be at least 50. Submit the data with your assignment.

Data Analysis
  • State the appropriate statistics that are a result of your data collection. Include sample size, sample mean and sample standard deviation OR sample size and the number successes.
  • Record the hypothesis test based on your experiment. Make your decision using a 5% level of significance. Include the 95% confidence interval. Include the test statistic, critical value, and P-value. Clearly communicate your decision.
  • Create a visual that illustrates your data. Use your creativity! This could be a bar graph, pie chart, histogram or boxplot depending on the nature of your survey and data. Create a visual that makes sense for your data and gives the reader useful information about your data.

Assignment Checklist
  • Title Page
  • Written report that describes your project. The summary must include:
    • Brief article review, including the source
    • Statement of the claim made in the article
    • Detailed description of how, where and when you collected your data, including your sampling technique
    • Conclusion about the article claim considering your hypothesis test.
      • Include a discussion about P-value and alpha or the test statistic and critical value. How did you make your decision?
      • Include a conclusion statement in using words, in the context of the claim, as if you were writing for the general public and not a group of statisticians.
    • Provide an interpretation of the confidence interval in the context of the claim.
    • Reference and discuss the visual you created at an appropriate part of your report.
  • Data Collected and Reported. Include your raw data from the survey, the appropriate statistics that are a result of your data, and the test statistic, critical value and P-value. Refer to the Data Analysis section.
  • Visual to illustrate your data. Create a visual that makes sense for your data and gives the reader useful information.
  • Copy of the article along with the source.

  • doc, docx, xls, xlss
  • Style: APA
  • Length: 4-6 pages, plus title page

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