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[FULL class] 10 weeks left

Official text: OpenStax University Physics Volume 1

This course will stress the use of the fundamental concepts of mechanics to understand and to solve problems.

Students should be able to solve motion problems involving one and two objects, in one and two dimensions and with constant and non-constant accelerations. Students should be able to solve problems involving any number of forces including gravity, the normal force, tension, friction, springs and forces from ramps and pulleys. Students should be able to use Newton's second law and understand its implications. Students should be able to use the work-energy theorem and the impulse-momentum theorem for solving problems and knowing when to and not to use these methods. Students should also be able to identify the special cases Students should be able to solve problems involving simple rotational motion and simple harmonic motion.

Other topics will also be included that uses these principles. The course material will be a subset of the first 14 chapters of the official text.

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