vertex emulator built into a intel intergrated graphics

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is there any possible way that the chipset intel (R) GMA 3000 can emulate a vertex. or was it built inside the chipset

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GMA stands for Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000, The chipsets are Intel® 82946GZ Express Chipset Family (946GZ) , Intel® 82Q963 Express Chipset Family (Q963), Intel® 82Q965 Express Chipset Family (Q965), Intel® 82G965 Express Chipset Family (G965), Vertex Shader 3.0
Used for vertex processing.. Vertex Shader 3.0 enables unique and stunning visual effects in 3D games through object deformation, motion blur, and fish eye lens effects. With Vertex Shader 3.0 the original objects can be reshaped in any manner and add surface detail to enhance realism through displacement mapping

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