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    Unit 3 Discussion BoardPart I: Please respond (at least 50 words) to the following scenario by Wednesday:Why is it important to have blockchain an open source? Explain.Part II: Return to the Discussion Board and Review the postings of your classmates and post a meaningful response to at least two postings.
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    Review the article below called "Finance and the Blockchain: A Primer." In 2-3 pages, discuss the article and explain how blockchain and finance have integrated. Describe the future of blockchain and finance and how you foresee the current profession changing.


Discussion Forum Week 3

DQ: How can Blockchain bridge the gap between consumers and marketers?

Type your initial post and peer replies in this Discussion Forum based on the assigned readings for the week. The initial post should contain a minimum of 500 words and it should be submitted no later than Wednesday before 11:59 pm EST. Also, two peer replies should contain a minimum of 200 words each and should be submitted no later than saturday before 11:59 pm EST.

The initial post is worth 20 points and the peer replies are worth 5 points each (10 points). The initial post should contain your summary of the assigned readings for this unit of study and the peer replies should be substantive responses to your classmates' writings. Also, please look to the syllabus regarding the guidelines for initial posts and peer replies.


Submit a 5 page paper (APA style) describing how Blockchain will change digital marketing.

Reflection Three (R3) is an essay assignment.

R3 is due by saturday before 11:59 PM.

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