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Carefully review "I Take This Man for Richer Only: Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire" on pages 226-227 in the eText and answer the following:

1. Do you think the groom's failure to disclose his problems with his prior girlfriend constituted fraud and therefore grounds for annulment? What about the fact that all the contestants agreed to enter into marriage without knowing anything about the groom?

2. Although the court granted the annulment it did not rely on the premarital agreements signed by all the contestants to support its ruling. In your opinion, why did the court refuse to enforce the agreement?

3. If the court refused to grant the annulment the marriage would have been recognized and the parties would have been forced to file for divorce in order to end their marital relationship. In most states, they could file for a no-fault divorce. In your opinion why isn't there an option for a no-fault annulment? Why must the parties still allege grounds for annulment?


1. Most states now permit parties to file for no-fault divorce which basically eliminates the need to prove wrongdoings or fault on the part of one spouse in order to be granted a divorce. This shift from fault to no-fault divorce resulted in an increase in divorce rates. Do you agree with the no-fault option for divorce? Should fault grounds have to be established in order to end a marriage? Explain.

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You properly cite the e-text or a valid source.

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