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Do the Following: For this assignment, u will create a brief Power Point presentation** as a visual aid for a tell/sell presentation to employees based on the following scenario.

Scenario: U r a manager in a large professional office. Recently, during the weekly department meetings, you have noticed unnecessary conflict between employees when discussing controversial topics. Therefore, u decided to teach the employees about the types of conflicts, the role of perception in conflicts and suggestions to avoid conflicts.

Directions to complete assignment: To successfully complete this assignment u should:

1. Read the scenario

2. Review chapter 6 in the guide to Managerial Communication Effective Business Writing and Speaking) Tenth Edition Mary Munter /Lynn Hamilton for guidelines to create visual aids.

3.Create a Power Point presentation(at least 5 slides) to use as a visual aid to teach employees about the types of conflicts and the role of perception in conflicts. 

4.The Power point must include the following;(a)Title slide (b)At least one slide with an image, graph, table or chart.(c)At least 4 slides with bullet points


Content: Presentation covers the types of conflicts, the role of perception in conflict and how to resolve or avoid conflict, speaker notes r includes with the power points. The notes are written in paragraph format and when viewing the slide support the topic presented on the slide, Information presented is supported in weekly presentation and other valid/credible sources of information, Reference any website used as a source of information in the speaker notes.

Syntax and Structure- No more than 2 error in spelling/grammar/punctuation and capitalization


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