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Text Info: Modern Control Systems by Dorf & Bishop, 13th Edition, ISBN-978-0-13-440762-3HOMEWORK RULES: 1.In order to receive a grade on take-home assignments (homeworkand quizzes), the answers to the problems must be verified using a second method no partial credit will be given without a verification approach. Possible verification methods: working problems using a different approach, using simulations tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, p-Spice, LabVIEW -(if a second method was not used, justify why)” (Source: SPRING2021Course Syllabus).2. Do not use the answers of the book to justify your own answers.

IMPORTANT:READChapter1and Chapter 2(only the section 2.4)before start solving the problems.1.Exercise E1.4

2.Exercise E1.5

3.Exercise E1.13

4.Exercise E1.14

5.Problem P1.3

6.Problem P1.8

7.Use the Laplace transform definition to find F(s) for the following f(t) (Table 2.3):a)f(t)=sin wt b)f(t)=e-at

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