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Read Connolly/Begg text:
Chapter 16 - Methodology - Conceptual Database Design
Chapter 17 - Methodology - Logical Database Design for the Relational Model Pages 479-495
Review MS Office 365 Access 2016 text:
Access 2016 Module 7 Enhancing Forms

Include the questions with your answers.
Part 1) 55%
Complete Review Question 17.5 on page 509 in the Connolly text; explain each constraint (40%)
and provide an example of each constraint other than the one in the text (15%). The response should be in the order of ~500 words

Part 2) 20%
HINT: Review the Normalization Process: Parts and Suppliers One-to-Many Example in Discussions.
We want to keep track of the price we charge for each type of part, the supplier for each type of part, and the amount we pay the supplier for each type of part (the cost). Each supplier can provide us with many different types of parts, but each part can be provided to us by only one supplier. This requires a one-to-many relationship.

Functional analysis:
Part ---- > Price, Cost, Supplier, Street, City, State, Zip, Telephone
Supplier ---- > Street, City, State, Zip, Telephone
Part ---- > Price, Cost, Supplier
Parts (Part, Price, Cost, Supplier, Street, City, State, Zip, Telephone)

Compete the following:
1. Copy and paste the 2NF definition from the Connolly text (see page 422) 4%
2. Is the above table in 2NF? 6%
3. Using the table and field names in the above table explain your answer in plain English. 10%

The submission should be well organized and demonstrate your understanding of the assigned material.
Paraphrase the referenced material, restrict the use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 20% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if this limit is exceeded). (the required copy and paste content will not be considered part of the 20% guideline).

Name your document Last Name_Assignment7 (i.e. Smith_Assignment7).

The following rubric will be used:
Part 1
Synthesis of Concepts
Response to 17.5 40%
Non-text examples 15%
Part 2 20%
Using APA style/reference 5%
Writing Org/Clarity/Spelling 20%
(-1 per misspelled word)
Total 100%

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