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As you explore this week’s resources on positive social change, reflect on your proposed study and how its potential findings might contribute to positive social change. Consider how you might apply your learning as you develop the significance section of the prospectus you are writing.

As you complete your prospectus draft, be sure to refer to the guidelines in the Dissertation Prospectus document and the Dissertation Prospectus Rubric (available via the Prospectus Draft and Oral Presentation area). The prospectus draft you submit this week should contain all sections as described in the Dissertation Prospectus document. Be sure to include the Possible Analytical Strategies section as described in the Dissertation Prospectus document even though this section is listed as optional for your official prospectus. This section of the prospectus is required for the prospectus you submit for this course.

Your dissertation prospectus draft should be between 6–12 pages in length and include 12–15 references.

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