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Chapter 9 Discussion

Summarize any TWO of Erik Erikson’s stages of development. Be sure to include a description of the stage and discuss what successful and unsuccessful dealing of the stage looks like for each stage.

Using chapter 9 to support your position. List the page number and the topic heading (if you use the ebook exclusively, there are no page numbers). First, write the quote in the body of your post. Then, leave a paragraph space and relate a detailed, specific application of what you have quoted. The quote may be a sentence or part of a paragraph. Make sure the quote and your response are specifically related to at least one topic in the chapter.


  • Discussion post thoroughly addresses the discussion board question and demonstrates synthesis of critical thinking and application of the concepts.
  • Theories and vocabulary addressed in required readings, videos and or websites.
  • Student’s response adds value to the discussion.
  • Grammar and writing style reflect college level work.
  • Response meets the minimum content requirements of 100 words.

Two or more Substantive Replies are posted to other students.

  • A high quality reply stimulates additional thought about the issue, poses additional discussion questions or takes the discussion in an appropriate alternate direction.
  • Grammar and writing style reflect college level work.
  • Reply meets the minimum content requirements of 50 words. (14-15 points)

Here are some examples of unacceptable answers:

  • “I agree completely.”
    • While it is respectful, it doesn’t add anything to the discussion. Explain why you agree, what parts do you agree with? Add something else—pose a question, take it to the next level in the discussion.
  • “That is the dumbest thing I have ever read. How could you possibly think that…I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would…”
    • Obviously not only is this disrespectful, but again, it does not add any insight into the discussion.

Here are some examples of acceptable answers:

  • I agree completely with your reaction to the video. I was surprised at the level of conformity by the gentleman and expected him to react differently. It seemed to be to be an example of confirmation bias on the man’s part…Unlike you, the group of boys, I feel responded due to normative influence because…I didn’t interpret the bus driver the way they did either…I wonder what might have happened if the lady did not….”
  • “Perhaps my cultural influences my thinking in this case—I completely disagree with your interpretation. My perspective is this…I interpreted it this way and here’s why…Do you think that if…you might interpret it differently?”

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