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The research gap I have identified for my dissertation, “The Educational Enablement of Minority Male Students”, is the need for effective teachers to use a holistic approach to understanding and addressing the needs of minority male students for academic achievement (Tomlinson & Jarvis, 2014). The gap also shows a contradiction between minority students wanting and not wanting to continue with the educational process. The gap informs the problem statement of the study, “It is not known what influences minority male students to remain connected to the educational process”. The problem statement informs the theoretical foundation that minority students develop a resistance to education (Harper & Davis, 2012). The problem statement and theoretical foundation informs the development of content for the study’s literature review by addressing the academic failures of minority male students because of inequality, inequity, stereotypes and socio-economics of the students. My goal is to research what will enable the school system and students to achieve in all grades K-12 and higher education.


Harper, S. R., & Davis II, C. H. F. (2012). They don’t care about education: A counternarrative on black male students; responses to inequitable schooling. Educational Foundations, 26(1-2), 1-3=120. Retrieved from EJ968820&site=eds-live&scope=site;

Tomlinson, C. A., & Jarvis, J. M. (2014). Cast studies of success: supporting academic success for students with high potential from ethnic minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Journal for the Education of the Gifted, 37(3), 191-219. Doi: 10.1177/0162353 214540826

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Running head: Improving Academic Achievements Up To and Beyond K-12 Grade



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Improving Academic Achievements Up To and Beyond K-12 Grade

Based on the research outcomes by Harper and Davis (2012); Tomlinson and Jarvis
(2014), it is clear that the black male students are dropping out of the educational system at a
very high rate, more so just after the high school level making them not to attain the K-12 and
higher education levels. In orde...

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