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  1. Scenario: Your elementary school has recently had an influx of EL students. For the upcoming parent orientation, your principal has asked you to prepare a presentation that highlights SEI historical and legal foundations, cultural competency, home and school collaboration tips, and strategies for working with EL students. Your audience contains teachers, staff, and parents.
    Research the laws and court decisions listed below. Each of these has provided an important foundation for current policies regarding the education of English learners (ELs).
    • Lau v. Nichols (1974)
    • Castañeda v. Pickard (1981)
    • Plyler v. Doe (1982)
    • Flores v. Arizona
    • Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
    • Title III
    • Title VI
    • Proposition 203
    • House Bill 2010
    • House Bill 2064
    Select the law or court decision from the list that you feel has had the greatest impact on English language education.
    Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation that includes the following:
    • An overview of the historical background of the law or court decision you selected and how it has influenced current trends and issues in English language education
    • An explanation of the implications that the law or court decision may present to your EL program
    • Brief descriptions of the different special populations (e.g., refugees, migrants, immigrants, SIFEs, RAELs, LTELs) that make up the EL student demographic
    • Factors that may influence EL students’ language acquisition
    • Sociocultural influences on elementary EL students in the classroom
    • The role of cultural competency in English language instruction
    • Strategies on how to develop cultural responsiveness
    • Tips on how to create a safe and inclusive environment for English learners
    • Strategies and resources for cultivating family and community engagement practices
    Include speaker notes and a slide with APA-formatted references in your presentation.
    Submit your assignment.Resources

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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
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Historical Background of ESSA

ESSA is the primary law for K-12 public education in America

Public schools’ quality education provision is the main goal of ESSA

ESSA gives the minorities, needy students, those limited in English, and
special education services opportunities

The reform got signed into law in 2015

It replaced the No Child Left Behind law

Its full implementation got achieved between 2018 and 2019

ESSA influenced English language education through the diversity recognition

Implications of ESSA

ESSA is mandated to ensure providence of quality education among all kids in
public schools

ESSA projects to enhance the teachers disposition to instruct the students and
thus increased performance among the students

ESSA inclines to improve my English-language proficiency

It promotes the measure of accountability

ESSA increases my ability to concentrate as it helps to solve the various
problems associated with disadvantages such as poverty

The greater latitude provided by ESSA boosts my confidence in
communication by knowing the English language

Description of Different Populations

Five at-risk student populations get considered in the paradigm of ESSA

Students from undocumented families receives...

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