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Part one Journal Two

  • Robert Ellsberg: “Merton” and “Mother Teresa,” pp. 5-35

  • Au and Cannon, “Compassion and Collaboration: Loving with the Whole Self,” pp. 133-151

  • Silf, Chapters 3-5, pp. 19-41 (Use any of her questions to prompt a journal response to all readings this week. You may choose to begin with a quote from her that sparked an interest, or you may use one of the many questions she poses within each chapter. Be sure that you also quote ALL other AUTHORS read within each assignment as through your citations, you demonstrate your reading... and more importantly, your ability to make applications from how they invite you to process For Week 2 assignment due Monday night use the materials from assigned readings within text by Margaret Silf. Choose one facet of something within her work that strikes you (question or quote). Allow it to be a springboard for reflection... and remember to present echoes from the other two authors as they "converse with you in response to Silf's materials). In this way, you are processing what is read in all assignments... and making meaning or
  • sharing questions from those readings as you go

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