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Museum Visit and Report Guidelines


To truly become familiar with and to understand art, I believe it is necessary that you gain personal experience with it. Reading about art in a textbook can only help so much. Therefore, one of the requirements for this course is for you to visit an art museum and write a report on your experience there. The museum visit and subsequent written report will reflect your firsthand encounter with the original work of art from a time period we will be studying. Firsthand encounter does not mean you should touch the art!!!

It is highly suggested that you not put off writing the report until that last week since you will need sufficient time to visit the museum and actually write the paper. You may hand in a rough draft to me before the paper is due, if you desire. I will review it and then offer suggestions.

Written Requirements:

To fulfill the assignment, you should examine the collections and pick a work of art in the museum from one of the time periods we will be studying. Then write a reflection paper based on your experience and that work of art. The paper should be a minimum of 2 pages and include the following:

1. Cover Sheet

The cover sheet should simply include your name, the title of your paper and the date

2. Intro

Try to make it a little interesting even though you’ll just cover the basics of the paper. The intro should include the title, artist, date, medium (oil painting, marble sculpture etc.), size and location (what museum holds it?). You should also include a description of the work. Finally end with a thesis statement. Something like: “this work has helped give me a better understanding of the Baroque period art.”

3. Describe your experience going to the museum.undefined

This should be the easiest part of the assignment. Just talk about what it was like as you went through the different galleries. What stood out to you? What was it like wandering through the museum? Finally, just point out the work of art that most stood out to you and what it was like seeing the work in person. And then simply point out the image from the text that you think relates to that work.

4. Describe the works of art

Give me detailed descriptions of the work of art. Talk about the style, the subject matter and what you think the meaning might be. Don’t worry about doing any research here. I am more interested in you explaining what you take away from the work of art.

Throughout the paper you should be supporting your thesis statement with arguments and examples. In this particular section, it would be good to point out how the works of art relate to what you have learned in lecture. Again, I don’t need you to do research here. Just recall what we learned in class and how the works fit into their time periods.

Take into consideration the following questions when writing this section (you don’t necessarily have to discuss each one and it would help if you considered others not listed):

  • What is the symbolism?
  • Does the work have a particular function?
  • Analyze its composition:
    • Paintings / reliefs:(Arrangement of form, color, composition,etc.)
    • Sculpture:Balance of parts, closed or open composition, space, use of light and dark,

attention to surface detail, additive or subtractive, type of stone- easy to carve?

  • Is it naturalistic?Realistic?Idealistic?
  • Is there emotional content?

5. Description of what made you choose that work and your experience observing it

Be sure to include your personal view of the work.Why did you choose that particular work of art? Has it helped you gain an appreciation for the time period? The people? How?

6. Conclusion

Nothing special. Just reiterate how the experience has helped you, and briefly restate your introduction.

7. Attach the following to your paper:

  • Reproduction(s) of the work(s) of art discussed which cannot be found in the book.
  • A receipt from the museum

This is an observation paper. There is little research required unless you research the “type“

of artwork (i.e. sphinx, sarcophagus, vase, relief etc).Citations must then be used.

Stylistic Requirements
  • 2 pages
  • Report should include both an introduction and conclusion
  • 12 pt. font
  • 1-inch margins
  • Cover page (not counted as one of the 2 pages)
Final Notes:

Works of art should be written in italics.

Ideas or quotes from other sources MUST be cited.The paper does not have to be MLA format, but it must be clear if you are using citations.

Eliminate spelling and grammatical errors.

For the Museum paper, I will ask that you complete the assignment based on the directions

below. But everything will be done virtually. So, here is a list of Virtual Art Gallery tours you can

visit. Complete the assignment as if you are actually visiting the site.

The San Diego Museum:

The Louvre

The National Gallery(dc):


The Metropolitan(nyc):

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