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Purpose: To “showcase” credentials, work, and accomplishments while a student nurse, reflect on progress made throughout the nursing program, address professional goals, and present nursing philosophy. Contents of the portfolio will be helpful in promoting your best work during an employment interview.

Course Outcome: Develop a portfolio to articulate skills and competencies related to career and prepare a professional résumé and curriculum vitae.

Instructions: All required content will be uploaded via the Career Center in Canvas. The portfolio must contain all documents to be graded, be professionally done, and submitted on the due date per the syllabus.

Required Content:

  • Cover letter and thank you letter
  • Resume or CV with reference list (include professional memberships, community organizations and associations, and community service activities)
  • Self-evaluation paper that addresses your growth as a nurse in relation to clinical experiences, education, maturity, and professionalism. How has PRICE model impacted you?
  • Professional goals, how will you achieve them? (1 short term/1 long term)
  • Nursing Philosophy from NU 206 (clean copy)
  • Certificates of achievements, honors, and awards (optional)
  • Letters of recommendations signed (2)

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