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Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University

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i want a tutor who has the "badge" of law.

I need someone who has experience with Saudi law.

Assessment 3, this course talks about Graduation research, and it consists of 4 to 6 assignments, and I would be grateful if you could help me with them.

Now I have to choose a topic to start with the first assignment.

The research should be about a legal issue in Saudi Arabia, and there must be a legal problem. My major is law, and for this it will be a legal research.

If possible, you can suggest several topics, in order to consult the doctor and approve one of them.

That is why I need someone who sticks to me for the length of the term, i.e., approximately 3 months, and his writing is excellent, and he accepts the doctor's notes, meaning that he can change the duty after you handed it over to me.

The first duty to be delivered after a week or two, the doctor did not specify for now. I will send assignment instructions later.

Abstract Now I need more than one topic for research, and when the doctor approves one of them, we will begin the duty.

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