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I'm working on a management presentation and need an explanation to help me learn.

from the attached doc business model canvas, from kain batik pitch business start up, please elaborate on the bmc of the business and please explain the point by sequence. i will also attach the bmc (skeleton) for you to know the sequence.

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Key Activities Key Partners Kain Batik Governments partnerships Value Propositions Good Quality of product Create website development Key Resources Private business companies Customer Relationship Participate in any public or private events Benefits of Customers Refunds for customers who experienced uncomfortable situations of the product 4 Engage in personal or online connections with the customer Channels People who work for Batik 8 Giving Discounts Facilities Engage in networking 3 The customer who can use the product ex. For adult or children, for men r women or both Advertising Industry Cost Structure The cost or expenses of the business use in engaging any platform for operating the business. Create Social Media Customer Segments Revenue Stream 9 Payrolls, Supplies, foods and Insurance Pricing the business of Batik Includes dividends 5 Subscriptions Income Key Partners Key Activities Value Propositions Customer Relationship 6 4 Key Resources 8 Cost Structure Customer Segments Channels 7 9 2 Revenue Stream 3 1 5 ...
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