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In a short two-page essay, please respond to the question. Be sure to answer each part of the question you choose, and remember that your grammar, mechanics and organization of ideas will be used to determine your score.

"Because I Could Not Stop for Death" is a poem that can be interpreted in many ways. What is the narrator's attitude towards Death? How does his perception of Death impact the reader's understanding of this poem? How is this attitude reflected in the descriptions of the other characters and objects in the piece?  Use evidence from the story to support your answer.

Because I Could Not Stop for Death

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1.  All papers must be typed (12 pt. font, double-spaced).

2.  All papers must be in Times New Roman font.

3.  All papers must be completed in MLA format.

Please use the previous papers done by you, for me, as an example to answer these questions, thank you!

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