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While submitting the lab assignment, please upload the files separately. 1. lab report (pdf) 2. Design file (zip)

You should do 2 files, lab report and design lab (zip)

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CDA 4203L Spring 2021 Computer System Design Lab Lab 1 – Schematic Capture Handed out on Wednesday, 13th January Due Date: 11:59 PM, Sunday, 24th January This is an individual assignment. No teaming allowed. Objectives: To learn and practice schematic entry and simulation. Problem: Implement an ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) satisfying the following functional requirements. You should complete schematic capture tutorial, before you start on this lab. A B S 4 4 2 4 ALU Function Y Invert Add Subtract Double Select (S) S1 S0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 Y A A+B A-B 2*A Figure 1: ALU Port Interface and Function Table 1. (10 pts) Design and create a schematic of the ALU using ISE Schematic Entry tool. 2. (10 pts) Create a test bench and use it to test the ALU functionality. Include at least two test vectors per function. Deliverables: A concise report that includes your design and simulation results. Report Organization (A template will be provided on Canvas): □ Cover sheet □ ALU schematic □ Brief description of your design □ Simulation waveforms □ IP Block □ Feedback: Hours spent, Exercise difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard) Important: □ Do not discard your design. It will be used as starting point for subsequent lab exercise(s). □ You need to submit your report on Canvas in PDF format. No hardcopy is needed. Computer System Design Lab Tutorial 1 Xilinx Schematic Editor Xilinx ISim 1-bit and 4-bit Full Adder Visual Walkthrough Create New Project Create Schematic Simulate Create Schematic Symbol (See Note, below) In many places in the rest of this tutorial, you will see references to the old device we used in previous years: xc5vlx110t-3ff 1136 Starting in Spring 2015, this should be: xc6slx45-3csg324 On your own:    Create a schematic symbol for the 4-bit adder. Create an 8-bit adder from two 4-bit adders. (You do not need to make a symbol) CDA 4203L Computer System Design Lab Lab 1 Report ALU Design Today’s Date: Your Name: Your U Number: No. of Hours Spent: Exercise Difficulty: (Easy, Average, Hard) Any Other Feedback: 1 Question 1: ALU Schematic 2 Question 1: Briefly describe how your design works. 3 Question 2: Simulation Waveforms (add as many pages as you need). Include atleast two test vectors per function. For example, demonstrate through the waveforms, that the ALU performs inversion correctly on two inputs, say, 0010 and 1111. 4 ...
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