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You can start the search after reviewing the lectures on cardiovascular and renal systems. Choose one of the following organs and describe the physiological or anatomical changes during the aging of an individual. Remember that the Circulatory system includes the Lymphatic System.

  1. Cardiovascular
    1. heart
    2. blood vessels
    3. lymphatic vessels
    4. blood, which includes lymphocytes, neutrophils, RBC, etc.
    5. lymph
  2. Renal
    1. kidneys
    2. ureters
    3. bladder
    4. urethra


  1. Use google scholar or any other search engine and search for an article of one of the items listed above and the aging of the structure/organ.
  2. Read the abstract of the paper to determine if the paper is appropriate. DO NOT USE REVIEW PAPERS
  3. Once a paper is identified, read the introduction and the conclusion and write 2 paragraphs of what you read and your understanding of the aging process on the topic.
  4. Include the link to the scientific paper you read.
  5. you must fulfills required elements
  6. Cant be no older then 5 YEARS

Requirements: 12-15 each paragraph

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