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please follow the instructions that are on the document below. for this writing, you have a invent innovation and write as a magazine or an article paper. the writing should be1 page and the graph is on the second page. if you have any questions please ask.

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Name: Wed, January 20, 2021 EE 221 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering Due – 27th January 2021 (beginning of the class) – Worth 2% of total grades Problem 1: Innovation is the number one driver of US economy. Computer, internet, smart phones, smart watches, self-driving cars, Amazon Alexa, Google home, military technologies such as Drones, are some of the examples of innovation and many of these innovative technologies are utilized by the millions of citizens all around the world. In this spirit, if all the funds and resources are available to you to do the innovation, what would you innovate related to your discipline? To shape up your writing for the innovation topic, please try to incorporate the best answers based on your ability to following questions in your write up: What is the strong rationale for the topic of innovation? What are the two goals that will help the innovation a reality? What are the two objectives of each goal? Find and discuss at least one technique or algorithm without that your innovation can not be possible. Your write up should not be just answers to above question rather you need to build a kind of news article convincing the story of achievable innovation. Please submit your paper in PDF format in ECampus -> Homework Assignment 0 link. Use single spacing, 10 pts Times New Roman font with 1 inch page margin all sides format. Page limit -1 page. Write the title of the innovation in the header space of the page. Use page 2 for graphs, tables and references. This document will be shared with all EE 221 students so please write your name on the document if you would like to share with students otherwise do not write your name. For research, use following website, from WVU computers: Page 1 of 1
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Internet of Behavior (IoB)




The Strong Rationale for the Topic of Innovation
Internet of Behavior (IoB) is a new trend that will continue to shape the 2021 years as
business and people continue to recover from the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic that
disrupted normal life and business activities for the whole of 2020. Sensors and RFID tags can
be used to innovate the Internet of Behavior to determine employees' compliance with COVID19 response measures (Stary, 2020). Using IoB, it is possible to detect masking, sanitizing, social
distancing, and other containment measures meant to reduce the spread of COVID-19. IoB can
be integrated into sound systems such as speakers and voice cal...

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