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I meditate, guided mediation, walking mediation (usually when I hike alone), or dance and music mediation (one of my favorites). But I never experiences shamanic mediations. I just completed the mediation shamanic journey to meet your power animal with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free. I chose to do it in my studio, which I am transferring to my work and mediation space these days. The one thing that stood to my eyes the most was the changes in rhythm with the drum bit in this guided meditation. Many things brought me back to my near-death-experience. I was aware how in reality my heart bits are dropping, while the rhythm in the mediation changes with her drumming. I cited below a short part from the upcoming book, to illustrated the same feeling in words, rather than in drumming. The journey between two worlds, as Barbara Meiklejohn-Free describes it and beautifully takes the listeners. I was not surprised when I met my spirit animal, filled with rhythm and power. My spirit animal is a horse. I also saw a lion and a lioness next to them, but I felt and sensed that the horse was the one that in particular I always knew within me that the horse is my spirit animal, but during this experience, I connected with something new, above its wisdom, nobility, beauty and strength. I connected with the horse rhythm, its power while walking, running or gulping, it powerful rhythm is the new thing which stood to my while mediating. Unlike any other animal, I do not recall in my memories a frightened horse. To me, it always seems as the horse knows its route, knows it goals. And it is the loudest message I needed to get now. There are other motives which came up during the journey to meet my spirit animal, the long thick hair (something I lost during the near-death experience, because a person loses first their hair when they die), the back-childhood memory, trying to ride our dog like a horse, and the power I always retrieve when I ride horses, usually on the beach in fast places. Lastly, I was amazed how time just passed while I mediated. I complete lost sense of time, exactly as happened in my near-death experience. I was in the right place. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to enjoy a mediation which otherwise, I wasn’t exposed to. Expert form my upcoming book: “My body does not respond. My hands are frozen. My legs are motionless. I feel nothingness. Now I see. I see it clearly. Beautiful, glowing, vibrant. On the horizon appeared the whitest, brightest, shiniest, and most shimmering light that I have ever seen. It is calm. The entity within me craves to reach out to it. Touch it. Feel it. But the light is too far. I want to soar into its beautiful core, immerse myself in it. I want to become one with the Light. The light gets stronger. Brighter. The essence of the light calls out to me, “Come, my little child, come to me.” It is the loudest voice I have ever heard – clear, comforting, powerful, loving – and yet has no voice. I get closer by the second, syncing myself to the light’s speed. My being knows this light. It is the place of total serenity, of kindness, of unconditional love – this is the place I’ve been yearning for since I was born. This is the place where I want to return. I know love now. I know I’m home. I know I can trust. Bigger. Brighter. Expanding. Vibrating. Closer. Warmer. I keep flying and floating. Up, up, up. Bodiless, boundless, and limitless. Faster than time. The closer I get, the light lovingly glows all the more brilliant. Take me. My voice within me reassures me, Home. This is home. I recognize it from years ago before I came here. I am complete. This is my deepest, unspoken, most intuitive familiarity. I am free of pain. My heart is free – at last. Bigger. Brighter. Whiter. Shiner. Calmer. Consoling. Hugging. Loving. Take me. Almost there. Home. ...
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