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SPE/584: Learning Disabilities And Language And Development Disorders

Wk 5 Team – Technology and Student Supports Binder [due Mon]

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  1. Imagine that your learning team is the Educational Technology Department of a large school district. The district recently received a substantial donation earmarked specifically to purchase assistive technology devices and support for individuals with language disorders and learning disabilities. Your team is tasked with developing a resource for teachers that provides information, strategies, and guidelines for different devices and support now available. Create an online binder using LiveBinders to organize the following information:
    • Name and description of assistive technology devices or other supports
    • Roles and responsibilities o fprofessionals that support the students
    • Classroom tips, strategies, and best practices for the use of the device or other supports
    • Online resources or organizations for additional information or support
    Note: You will first need to create a free account with LiveBinders before starting your binder. The website has a tutorial explaining the step-by-step process of creating a LiveBinder for the purpose of this assignment.
  • Classroom Strategies: Create and upload a Microsoft® Word document that includes the following:
  • List of 5 to 8 classroom strategies for teachers and support staff that work with these students and a brief explanation of their use (the strategies should include ways to promote a classroom environment that supports these students, e.g., one strategy might be to always ask before providing assistance).

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