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  1. Please read Basic Writing Parts 1-3 (find under Writing Unit Readings). These are easy reading; I will summarize the highlights in my lecture.
  2. Complete and post the Sentence-level Worksheet (find under Writing Unit Readings). Download, write on and upload the actual worksheet.
  3. Post a sample of your own writing, preferably from a personal statement or cover letter, but this can be really any kind of writing that you did in the past or are currently working-on. The sample should be ~ 1 page long – just enough for us to see you apply some of these principles of good writing/syntax. In other words, revise the syntax (use of conjunctions, being more concise, adjusting the actual order of the words – passive vs. active voice) and the diction. Post only the revised version of the writing and please highlight or make bold your changes.

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