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Case Study: Conflict Styles and Collaboration

For this writing assignment, you will be using the “Negotiation Scenarios” and you will be writing a 2-4 page paper that you will present as a case study.  Assume that you have been asked to negotiate and mediate a solution to this conflict.

In your case study, please make sure to address the following areas:

  1. Describe and Explore the concept of resistance from the position of all involved parties.
  2. Why might a party be resistant to change?  What techniques might be employed to reduce the resistance to change?
  3. Explore, in detail, an approach to collaborative negotiation.  Address what issues would need to be addressed before the negotiation, during, and after.
  4. How effective do you think that mediation would be and why?  What traits do you have as a mediator that would assist the process?  Impede the process?
  5. Assist the individuals in designing a system for prevention.

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1 Negotiation Scenarios Meghan and Melissa are roommates and have shared an apartment this school year. It’s the end of the school year and the two will not be roommates again. Meghan is graduating and Melissa is taking a year off to do missionary work for her church. There is one issue that they have not discussed but now the time is at hand to deal with it. The issue is how they will divide their apartment deposit when they get it back. They made a $500 deposit but they know they will not get it all back. Meghan liked to party and had a party almost every Friday or Saturday night and sometimes Friday and Saturday. The parties were usually pretty tame except when some players from the college baseball team attended. Those parties tended to be kind of raucous. At one of those parties two holes were kicked (punched?) in a wall. The landlord will keep some of the deposit (about $175) to repair the holes. Meghan thinks that they should just split the deposit and share the repair cost. Melissa believes she/ should give her full $250 back and that Meghan should pay the repair bill because she had the parties and the parties were her idea. But Meghan thinks that they should split the deposit and share the repair cost because Melissa sometimes attended parties and even had her friends over. The two roommates disagree on this point and each feels that her opinion is correct.
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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution

It is normal to get into a situation where there is some conflict. More often than not, the
conflict will be interpersonal. It is important to have essential conflict resolution skills that will
come in handy in situations where parties are in conflict. Notably, it is normal to experience
resistance from the conflicting parties (Hong, 2014). The parties might have their personal
reasons why they might take resistive positions in the conflict. In the context of Meghan and
Melissa, their conflict can be resolve amicably if there is a clear understanding of the reason why
they are resting and also if effective mediation is employed to assist them to reach an agreement.
The concept of resistance is experienced in situations where conflicting persons are
resistant to mediation processes. In this context, we see both Meghan and Melissa expressing
resistance in their search for a solution to their issue. When parties are resistance, they refuse to
compromise or make a sacrifice for the greater good of reaching a solution (Hong, 2014).
Meghan expresses resistance to Melissa’s idea that they should split the balance according t...

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