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I have attached the document with all the requirenmtns for the project. Please follow the instructions and work on the paper.

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CS634 Final Research Report Instructions (800 700 points) 2/7/2021 Late assignments will not be accepted. Posting The Final Research Report is due 09/06/2020. must occur in the appropriate area of Moodle. Hardcopy, email, etc. will not be accepted. A total of 700 800 points will be awarded for a perfect score for this exercise. Research Report / Individual Project (800 700 points) Write a scholarly research report on a topic related to Cyber Security based on one of the following topics: Step 1: Select ONE Topic: The Research Report, select one of the following research areas: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) Biometrics Organizational Management during times of crisis. Failures of Knowledge Management Systems. Successes of Knowledge Management Systems. Social networking in the 21th Century. Web sports Search Engine Optimization Robotics Step 2: Determine a Narrowed Research Focus Review the “Completing the Final Research/Residency Assignment” section in Moodle for additional Review the “Searching the Library Databases” PDF on the course homepage for details guidance Step 3: Review the CU Research Guide and APA documentation Important Student Notes: Follow the guidelines of the CU Research guide for structure of the paper Following the specifications of APA for format 1 CS634 Final Research Report Instructions (800 700 points) REMINDERS:  Each student’s submission will be checked for plagiarism. Note that Turnitin has a very good historical memory and is capable of accessing reports from both internal and external resources (i.e. Universities, Governments, etc.) including those originally written in nonEnglish written languages. Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero (non-negotiable) for the assignment and may results in other university actions. The department chairperson will be notified of the violation. Additional Campbellsville University penalties may be applicable. Please see class syllabus for additional details.  Acceptable file formats for submissions include Microsoft Word (doc, docx). No other formats are acceptable.  The research paper must be supported by evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources).  A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal citations are required.  Formatting should be double-spaced, one-inch boarders, no extra space for headings, no extra white space, no more than two levels of heading, page numbers, front and back matter).  Extra white space use to enhance page count will negatively affect student grade.  Graduate student are expected to be proficient in the use of the English language. Errors in grammar, spelling, or syntax will affect student grade. The Professor, will not provide remedial help for writing problems. If the student is unable to write clearly and correctly, the student should be urged to contact the program office for sources of remedial help.  Final Submission - the final report is due no later than the due date assigned. A total of at least 15 full pages is required (no extra whitespace, does not include appendices). (800 700 points). Only Microsoft Word is acceptable.  The research paper must only include materials derived solely from peer reviewed journals or peer reviewed conference proceedings. Newspapers, websites (URLs), magazines, technical journals, hearsay, personal opinions, and white papers are NOT acceptable citations. Please access the CU Library at http://campbellsville.libguides.com/?b=g&d=a for appropriate materials.  APA formatted citations are required for the final submission. IMPORTANT - please refer to the following url for help with APA: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_style_introduction.html. Please reach out to our librarians for additional citation management and APA help.  All images, tables, figures are to be included in the appendices and IS NOT included in the 15 page requirement. This means appendices are not included in the 15 page requirement.  Long quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT permitted. Only one quoted short sentence (less than 14 words) is permitted per page.  Footnotes are NOT permitted. 2 ...
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