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1. a. Research and select a luxury brand global, omni-channel retailer of your choice. Write a 3-4-page, doubled-spaced paper explaining why you chose this retailer, and assess whether the retailer’s operations are aligned with the theoretical Luxury Brand Management (LBM) model. Based on your research, is the retailer prepared for the “Industry 4.0 digital revolution”? Be certain to cite your sources.

b.Based on the readings, what type of omni-channel retail and management skills, aptitudes and preparedness will be required to perform the job of transitioning a retailer to I.4.0? 4 paragraphs long.

2. Write a 7-8-page, doubled-spaced research paper pertaining to transforming a global, omni-channel retailer to the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 (I.4.0). Include the following information in your paper.

a. Identify and include 5-7 technologies that are essential for the retailer to expand its omni-channel presence to I.4.0.

b.Describe 5-7 issues retail/merchandise managers may encounter during the transition to I.4.0.

c.What type of organizational structure, (i.e., corporate relocation, store consolidations, etc.), changes may be required during the I.4.0 retail industry transition?

The paper must be typed double-spaced and include a reference page.

3. a. When we think about the omni-channel retailer, what type of disruptions would a retail executive expect to encounter? 4

paragraphs long.

b. It must be typed and double-spaced. Each answer needs to be 3 pages in length. Remember to cite your sources.

Define the term Industry 4.0. How will this retail revolution improve omni-channel retailing?

What kind of additional skills, techniques and strategies would retail/merchandise managers be required to learn?

Explain the Luxury Brand Management (LBM) framework. How could this model assist retail/merchandise managers?

Based on your research, readings, and videos during the last four weeks, what type of global omni-channel retail organizational and management practices do you foresee changing in the next five years?

Define the term, “Just-in-Time” (JIT) with respect to the exchange of goods. How will the function improve the process of an omni-channel retailer transitioning to I.4.0?

4. Discuss the strategic successes/failures of implementing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of a global, omni-channel retailer.4 paragraphs long

.b. Research and select a retailer whose organizational structure is global and omni-channel. Assess and determine whether the retail executive has been successful at upholding the retailer’s brand.

Begin your paper with an introduction page (pg. 1) :

Include the following information on page 1:

  • Name of the omni-channel retailer
  • Company’s background
  • Company’s organizational structure
  • Why you chose to research this company?

Approximately, how many employees work for the retailer?

  • In which countries does the retailer operate?


  1. Introduction to your research paper. (See above)
  2. Is the retailer utilizing a method comparable to the Retail Banner Standardization (RBS) method? Explain why/or why not.
  3. Does the retailer maintain the company’s brand? If so, how?
  4. Based on your research and readings, do you believe the retailer’s management is/is not prepared for Industry 4.0?

Explain in detail.

  1. What is the current financial viability of the retailer?

This paper must be 5-7-pages long. Be sure to include a reference page and to cite your sources.

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