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Chapter 10 Discussion

In a well thought out paragraph, explain the best way to be prepared for a job interview. Describe how you should behave during that interview. How do you decide which job is right for you?

Respond to two classmates post as to why you disagree or agree to their answer. As always, use proper netiquette rules for your posts.

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Module 04 Discussion - Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is of upmost importance in all organizations today. Our teams should be diverse to allow our organizations the benefit of different and unique opinions, perspectives, and experiences. You will discuss how diversity can impact a business and what diversity without inclusion means to a business and the people involved.

Explain the difference between diversity and inclusion. Explain the impact of diversity without inclusion. Finally, why is diversity important?

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Module 04 Written Assignment - 5 External Environments

You are a student at RW University. You are applying for an internship at Fun World Entertainment. This company has many business units that center around entertainment, but you are applying specifically for a position as an intern for the amusement park division of the company. They ask you to come in to interview. The HR manager and an executive organizational leader are interviewing you and explain to you that one of the primary concerns of any company is their external environment and how changes in the external environment could impact the business. In the interview, they hand you a form that lists all the factors in the external environment. They want you to explain how the organization can be impacted by the 5 external environments.


Complete the template linked here. Click for more options Explain how the organization and organizational leadership could be impacted by changes in each of the external environments.

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External Business Environments Competitive Economic Legal/Political Sociocultural Technological ...
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