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Write an essay of up to 1200 words on any one of the following topics:These papers will be evaluated primarily on the basis of how clearly they summarize the relevant course (lectures and readings) CONCEPTS (0-10 pts.) and then APPLY those to the case you have chosen to explore and the information you have collected about that case (0-10 pts.). Of secondary importance (but still counting) are the organization and clarity of the writing (0-5 pts.). Be sure to document your sources, including citations for any additional reading and URLs for any web material. These essays may be no more than 1200 words

-- Compare two supermarkets, one in a relatively high income area (e.g., La Jolla, Carmel Valley) and one in a relatively low income area (e.g., City Heights, Logan Heights, Encanto) in TWO ways. First, compare prices on 5 identical products. Second, compare the marketing displays in the fruit and vegetable and the bakery sections, using Freedman and Jurafsky's comparison of potato chips as a starting point.

-- Collect samples of ads for the same food product that foreground a man vs. a woman (at least three ads of each type). Explain how they differ, such as in how the food is portrayed, what the man or woman is doing with the food, how the man or women is depicted in relation to other people, etc.

-- IF CURRENT PUBLIC HEALTH RULES ALLOW, visit two restaurants, one representing an Americanized ethnic food (such as Panda Express, Taco Bell) and one that you can argue is a more "authentic" representative of that ethnic group and cuisine. Show how they differ in menus, food presentation, and food service.

-- Find the official tourist website for 3 countries and show how they use a food or dish to signify what makes their country special. (Note that simple claims that their food is delicious are not relevant here.) Then "check" their claims by researching the history of those three foods.

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