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see the file attached ignore number 1 the Reading Assignment

do number 2 the screenshot is from MBS book

the pic for FPP i will send it after you accept the question

Statistics Question
Statistics Question
Statistics Question
Statistics Question

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STAT1051-Section 11 HW1 Spring 2021 MBS: McClave, Benson and Sincich, Statistics for Business and Economics, 13th Ed. FPP: Freedman, Pisani and Purves, Statistics, 4th Ed. Submit the homework following the instructions in the syllabus. For all questions, show all your work. 1 Reading Assignment The assignment in this section won’t be graded and won’t be counted towards your overall grade. 1. Reading: MBS Ch 1, FPP Ch 1.1, 1.4, Ch 2.4. 2 Homework Problems (200 pts) The problems in this section will be graded and counted towards your overall grade. 1. MBS Ch 1 Exercises pp 25 (155 pts): 1.18 (30 pts), 1.19 (30 pts), 1.21(5 pts), 1.22(5 pts), 1.24 (15 pts), 1.29 (35 pts), 1.30 (a, b, c) (15 pts), 1.32 (20 pts). 2. FPP Ch 2 Review Exercises pp 24 (45 pts): 2 (a, b) (10 pts): In both (a) and (b), if your answer is “No” to the first question, describe what factors might be missing in your answer to the second question. 5 (5 pts), 7 (20 pts), 12 (10 pts). ...
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