Eating Organic & Healthy Choice the Impact of What People Consume Essay


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Essay topic- Eating organic as healthy choice

I have attached essay outline everything should be done according to it and use very very simple language

Total pages -3

I have already provided 5- references from where this essay need to be done only use those references nothing else.

In text citation is required.

One photo or graph is required related to topic with proper apa citation

Essay format

I- Introductory Paragraph with thesis

II- 1. body paragraph

III- 2. body paragraph

IV- 3. body paragraph


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Pavandeep Singh 0256739 References Breedlove, L. (2013). FINAL: Research Paper on Organic Foods. Charles, D. (2014). Are Organic Vegetables More Nutritious After All? Koberinski, R. C. (2020). The Impacts of Organic: How Organic Benefits The Environment. Publishing, H. (2015). Should you go organic? Zornitza. (May). Organic Food or Local, or? Pavandeep Singh 0256739 Pavandeep Singh 0256739 Name- Pavandeep Singh Student ID- 0256739 Date – Jan 15, 2021 Essay Outline Topic: Eating organic as a healthy choice I. Introduction A. Importance of organic food B. Concerns about organic food C. Thesis statement- People choose organic foods due to many health benefits, safe for environment and better quality. II. Organic food is healthier A. Rich in nutrients 1. Less harmful pesticides 2. More antioxidants 3. Grown naturally B. Organic food is often fresher 1. Doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last for long time 2. Need to check where it is grown III. Impact on environment A. Better for earth 1. No use of harmful pesticides that pollute earth or the ozone layer 2. Creates balance in nature B. Organic farming is sustainable 1. Increases soil fertility 2. Enhances biodiversity, reduces pollution IV. Better quality of food A. Certified and tested by experts 1. Pass through various checkpoints to labeled as organic 2. Soil is tested B. Human concerns about organic food 1. It is too expensive 2. Some people think label of organic is fake Name- Pavandeep Singh Student ID- 0256739 Date – Jan 15, 2021 V. Conclusion This essay has discussed about organic food and its impacts. Organic food is better choice for health and environment and it is grown more naturally without use of harmful pesticides and it is grown on soil which is tested by experts. ...
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